The Oddest Android 4.4. KitKat theory you’ll hear

I’m going to propose my theory for the biggest new feature in Android Kit Kat:  BUMP PAY.

Here’s my rationale:

  • Sep 17:  Google removes the NFC requirement for Google Wallet.  Ostensibly, this is because the app is shifting purposes to support things like online gift and store cards
  • Sep 16:  Google purchases Bump, whose apps allow you to bump two phones together to share information
  • Oct 24: Screenshots of the Android Kit Kat settings screen show a feature called “Tap & Pay” (

So there you go.  Square Cash is great, but can Google bring payments to the next level?  Imagine just typing in a payment amount and bumping with the payee if they’re close by – no email entry or use lookup required!

I’m excited to see what comes out!

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